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holistic & integrative MEDICINE

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As a rose unfolding, I understand that true health is comprised of many layers, and within them lies brilliance.  At Heart of Jade Wellness, I am devoted to providing impeccable care for my patients by integrating the very best of evidenced-informed holistic medicine to support the longevity, vitality, and well-being of every woman and child with whom I work.


From my Heart to Yours,

Dr. Jesenia DePasquale, DACM

holistic medicine & preventative care for children




A safe way to keep  babies healthy! 

Pediatrics is a well established specialty within Chinese Medicine.

  I am happy to share that babies and children respond incredibly well to Chinese medicine!  The advanced acupuncture assessment tools  that I use allow me to accurately and quickly, get to the heart of your child's condition, this is done without the need for invasive blood work or using needles that hurt!  

Treatments that don't hurt... Medicine that tastes Yummy! 

 All Chinese medicine treatments include non-needle advanced diagnostic and treatment tools. And if needed, please know that I do have your child's taste buds in mind, as most of the natural medicines and supplements I recommend are good-tasting herbal formulas and nutrient solutions that your children will love to take!

Some common pediatric conditions successfully treated with Chinese medicine include: 

  • Acute Conditions: fever, cough, ear infections,
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Bedwetting
  • Common cold, cough, Flu, upper respiratory infections
  • Constipation
  • Eczema
  • Digestive issues (belly pain as described by my tiny patients! ) 


It can be hard for children to describe their pain!


Discover a better way to find out the root cause of your child's condition without pain or discomfort!

finding out what's wrong

as part of the chinese medical pediatric examination,The first step i take in getting to the root cause of your child's condition is to use advanced meridian graphing, to assess your child's meridian system. this requires no invasive or painful exams! In fact, children think it's a fun game! The test takes about 5 minutes and you will see the results minutes after the test is complete-- not days! 

How long do treatments take? 


Treatments are usually between just 10-15 minutes long, so your child can get back to feeling better and having fun in no time at all! 



Clinically designed Nutrition Therapy is one of the most dramatic ways to rapidly improve your child's well-being.

A major key to keeping your child healthy, preventing illness and restoring wellness, is finding out what specific whole food nutrients your child may be missing. 

One of the most dramatic ways I've seen children rapidly feel better and thrive, is by adding whole food nutrient therapy to their wellness program.  I only utilize safe, non-invasive tools to test for possible stressors and nutritional deficiencies. Based on those findings,  I will then recommend a clinically-tested nutrition program based on whole food nutrients solutions specific to your child's needs . 

I only use clinically tested, organic whole-food based nutrients to ensure safety, the best clinical outcomes and most importantly, a healthy, happy child! 


in chinese medicine, addressing the unique parent-child relationship and addressing the parents role in diet and nutrition therapy is an intricate part of a child's healing process. as such, the pediatric initial and follow-up consult, includes everything above and also includes parent nutrition counseling. 

 for your scheduling convenience, please set aside 60 minutes for your first visit.

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