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holistic & integrative MEDICINE

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As a rose unfolding, I understand that true health is comprised of many layers, and within them lies brilliance.  At Heart of Jade Wellness, I am devoted to providing impeccable care for my patients by integrating the very best of evidenced-informed holistic medicine to support the longevity, vitality, and well-being of every woman and child with whom I work.


From my Heart to Yours,

Dr. Jesenia DePasquale, DACM

women's HEALTH



emotional imbalances such as anxiety and depression are one of the most chronic and debilitating conditions women face today. thankfully, holistic medicine can help ! a holistic medicine approach can help you break the cycle of emotional pain  naturally. 

acupuncture, chinese herbal therapy, heart-centered practices  and wellness coaching are part of my wellness approach to helping you regain the happiness and emotional well-being you deserve.



According to the Institute of Medicine, 100 million American adults live with chronic pain today--most of them women.

And chronic pain isn't only about pain that doesn't go away in a few months, it's a transformation of the nervous system that can literally shrink the brain. 

But there is good news. You can experience rapid  pain relief and injury rehabilitation without drugs, invasive procedures or uncomfortable stimulation. i start by looking at the underlying cause of your pain and then customize a holistic medicine treatment that take into consideration the differences in pain experience between men and women.

More women live with pain today than at any other time in history and the research shows that addressing other factors such as hormonal influences and gender difference in how the brain responds to pain, makes a huge difference in pain relief .  Acute and chronic pain can now be resolved with advanced holistic, non-invasive options that can provide effective and lasting results.  Don't live another day with chronic pain , contact us today and discover the options available that can  eliminate your pain naturally.

integrative nutrition

For women, what and when you eat matter to every cell in your body. 

Today research shows that what you do and what you eat everyday, is just as important (or more)  as what you do when you visit a health practitioner.  With hundreds of diet books and new food fads emerging everyday,  how do you know which foods and supplements are best for you?  

release yourself from food anxiety- forever.

 If you've been trying to eat healthier and even eat organic foods but are still not feeling your best, it's time to get help.   Following the latest fad diet does not come close to eating in a way where you naturally and easily lose pounds, and have ample energy And they don't nearly have the impact (or save time) , like having a customized whole food supplement schedule that supports your overall vitality and that tells you exactly how much of what supplement you need.  


HORMONE imbalance

One of the biggest factors in achieving female vitality is restoring  hormone harmony.

If you've been suffering with lack of sleep, weight gain despite your best efforts, emotional roller coaster 'episodes' or a declining sex drive,  than taking a closer look at your hormones can be the answer to resolve your symptoms.  Whether you have been diagnosed with hyper or hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) ,  Endometriosis or other menstrual irregularities-- the answer is the same: hormonal balancing is a lasting solution to restored vitality and well-being.

Feel like you're running on your last leg?

Have you seen various medical doctors or other holistic practitioners  but none of them seem to have been able to  truly help make a difference ? Over 80% of new clients starting care with us, tell us we were a last resort, so we understand and are here to listen to your concerns and strive to resolve them.

There are many causes of hormonal imbalance such as aging, excess stress, lifestyle choices, environmental exposure to toxins, poor nutrition /nutritional deficiencies and genetics. When working with our clients, we take a holistic approach to uncover which possible root cause/s are responsible for your present symptoms and from there then are able to create a custom solution to bring you back to hormone harmony. This might mean combining aspects of nutritional therapy,  lifestyle recommendations and/or utilizing the powerful balancing effects of Chinese Medicine as the solution to unresolved female hormonal imbalance.



The only word after 'reproductive' should be wellness.

We understand how important starting a family can be for a couple. That is why we look at all possible contributing factors to help you achieve the goal of becoming parents. my holistic fertility program focuses on female and male fertility.   

I utilize the most advanced holistic technology and treatments integrating Chinese medicine, holistic nutrition, and stress management & lifestyle counseling.

 My approach is focused on  reducing stress, enhancing overall  well-being, during what can be an emotionally challenging period, so your other western medicine treatments (if applicable), have the highest probable success.  i  will gladly work with your medical doctor and reproductive medical care team to support you through your journey of achieving parenthood.  Whether you are seeking a drug-free option to becoming  pregnant or are seeking additional support- consider a heart-to-heart talk to get started.



The foundation to achieving your ideal weight and lasting vitality.

Have you been experiencing?

  • fatigue, food cravings
  • weight gain
  •  reduced mental clarity
  •   low libido
  • joint discomfort
  • interrupted sleep

if so, these can all be signs of toxin overload and can be contributing to these wide range of conditions.

There are approximately 80, 000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies.  

Research has shown that many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems. 

Our no fee Detox Assessment will help you become aware of your chemical and environmental exposures and get you closer to a healthier you.

Ace your Jean test

What counts is not just the number, but the inches too.  If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, your first step is addressing the toxins you are exposed to everyday. The next thing is making sure that visceral fat aka 'belly fat' is where you're  losing  most of it, as  research now is revealing it can be one of the biggest indicators of present or future life threatening disease.   In our modern world, a minimum yearly detox program should be considered a necessity--- not an option.

I help busy professionals detox successfully with our 100% natural & clinically tested program using organic whole food ingredients that won't leave you feeling deprived and hungry.  During your program you'll still be able to work, travel and function in regular activities while transforming your body's health and vitality.  

 How quickly you move towards achieving your goals depends on the path you choose during a heart-to heart talk

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