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holistic & integrative MEDICINE

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As a rose unfolding, I understand that true health is comprised of many layers, and within them lies brilliance.  At Heart of Jade Wellness, I am devoted to providing impeccable care for my patients by integrating the very best of evidenced-informed holistic medicine to support the longevity, vitality, and well-being of every woman and child with whom I work.


From my Heart to Yours,

Dr. Jesenia DePasquale, DACM

 Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States.

Thankfully there are holistic, safe, and effective options that can  support heart healtH.

My journey into  holistic care for heart health began as a daughter looking for options for a parent. as a second year medical student studying chinese medicine, i found myself looking for a holistic way to help my mother with a serious heart condition. i had already lost a parent to heart disease and was determined to have my mother be with me as long as possible. thus began my search for improving her heart health without additional drugs or surgery. this led to the birth of the specialty that i call holistic cardiovascular care. 


over my 18+ years of experience across different holistic health care settings I discovered that a specific integration of Chinese medicine,  nutrition therapy, health coaching, guided meditation and holistic heart-centered practices , achieving a heart health was possible.

my mother was my official first holistic cardiovascular care patient, and since then, i have committed  to helping other patients improve their heart health through an integrative, holistic, evidenced-informed approach .

advantages of holistic care 

The biggest advantage Holistic Cardiovascular care offers is the ability to identify  symptoms, lifestyle practices and other related factors that could be negatively affecting your heart and overall health, before you need drugs and surgery.  And if you've already been diagnosed with Heart disease, it can also be a powerful safe, and effective adjunctive therapy.

chinese medicine for heart health

Chinese medicine  can be  primarily considered a cardiovascular medicine. the entire premise of healing is based on promoting optimal blood circulation to all organs, tissues and body systems to help avoid pain, dysfunction and ultimately  disease. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at Heart disease from a larger scope where symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, and emotional stress as starting points for possible present or future heart conditions.  Chinese medicine considers your emotional health as an important indicator of overall health and specifically cardiovascular health . 

 numerous  research studies  have shown acupuncture, a branch of  chinese medicine,  to provide benefits to heart disease patients and to help control hypertension. There have also been benefits shown to help with symptoms often seen in patients with cardiovascular conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain and depression.  

 Nutrition Therapy for heart health

The heart is the most responsive organ in the body to nutrition and also the most negatively impacted by faulty nutrition.  

Because of it's highly electrical nature, muscular shape and structure, and its massive blood supply, the heart has the potential to be the most responsive repairable and restorative tissue in the body. 

whole food nutritional therapy can uncover and address missing nutrient deficiencies that could be affecting your optimal heart function.  when working with a patient, I begin by looking at possible nutritional  deficiencies, that if neglected, can contribute to various heart conditions. 

my goal is to uncover any stressors  that can  be  contributing factors to your heart condition and to find holistic, safe and effective ways to support optimal heart health.

in addition, there are other heart-centered practices such as guided meditation and health coaching that can effectively help you make lifestyle changes that will improve your heart and promote overall well-being.

the first step in finding out which type of holistic options may help improve your heart health is scheduling a no-cost heart-to heart talk today!

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