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holistic CARDIOVASCULAR care & integrative MEDICINE

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As a rose unfolding, I understand that true health is comprised of many layers, and within them lies brilliance.  At Heart of Jade Wellness, I am fully committed to provide impeccable care for my patients by utilizing an approach that embraces the very best of evidenced-informed holistic medicine to support the vitality, health and well-being of every woman and child with whom I work.


From my Heart to Yours,

Dr. Jesenia DePasquale, DACM

health coaching

before i was a doctor, i was a health counselor,

so I have an in-depth, unique understanding of the health benefits associated with health coaching as an adjunct to helping you achieve your highest potential of wellness. now that I am celebrating 10 years offering health coaching in my practice, i know first hand the results that can be achieved when you add coaching to your wellness tool kit.


Heart of Jade Coaching

Heart of Jade Coaching takes a deep dive into your Four Hearts- your emotional , mental, spiritual and physical 'hearts' to discover the underlying reasons you are not where you want to be.  this type of coaching can  quickly release or transform any blocks and to get you into action to manifest a successful and fulfilling life. 

This method of coaching can be the answer to address the root cause  of  set backs, fears, procrastination,  lack of confidence or any other limiting belief or behavior getting in the way of you achieving what you really want-- when you want it.

 How quickly you want to move towards achieving your goals depends on the path you choose after an initial heart-to-heart talk where I will give you my honest recommendation for your next best step.

Ready when you are. 

health coaching can be the perfect first choice if you want to transform your health and overall-wellbeing.  if you are looking for 1:1 wellness support without travel , this is a great choice to consider.

But please don't just take my word for it... 

 Watch one of the teachers and mentors that I personally had the honor to study with during my health counseling training, Deepak Chopra , M.D., discuss the future of healthcare and the emerging role of health coaches.

some of the clients i have seen most benefit from health coaching

  • women with high stress family, work and relationships.
  • women suffering with anxiety and depression
  • women diagnosed with a cardiovascular conditions (hypertension, cad) 
  • women having difficulty losing weight
  • brides-to-be, and new wives that are looking to feel and look their best for their wedding day and beyond (starting a family)
  • women feeling out of balance and wanting to make lasting changes in their health, vitality, relationships or career

steps to working together

  1. all health coaching begins with a heart-to-heart talk to discover your specific goals and to determine whether health coaching will be a good fit for you at this time.
  2.   after our talk, if it's decided that coaching is  your best next step a good fit then i 'll send you a health history form to set up a  health history review session. this review session will give the opportunity to get more specifics and to help you ask questions about a specific available coaching options that will best help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount time an with lasting results.

your first session

once your health coaching session is booked,  you will need to:

  • fill out a health history form and email back at least 2 days before your session. 
  • for single sessions, your first session should be scheduled as a 60 minute session. afterward you can choose to schedule 60 or 30 minute follow- up sessions. ( available only via phone or video conferencing such as skype or zoom service).

the Heart of jade wellness (HOJW) nutrition coaching offerings start at $190 per  single session, 3 month and 6 month programs with additional savings are available. 

**** private health coaching is now closed for 2017. Please click below to signup for the next openings starting jan. 8, 2018. 

  • hojw group health coaching classes and programs are available- times and prices vary -please call 914-719-6263 or email for details.

insurance reimbursement: if you would like to submit your health coaching consultations for insurance reimbursement, you'll be provided with specific cpt codes (reimbursement will depend on your insurance carrier and plan) . 

please note:  a health coaching consultation is not a medical service. health coaching is offered to help facilitate hojw protocols including customized diet and lifestyle recommendations. 

to schedule your first health coaching or session click here.

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